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Golden Delight Honey, LLC.
Producers of Local Raw Honey near Charlotte, North Carolina
(225) 803-5406
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Golden Delight Honey

Golden Delight Honey, LLC is located in Lancaster County, South Carolina, off Highway 75 (Waxhaw Highway), just a few miles west of Waxhaw, North Carolina. We operate our honeybee yards in both North Carolina and South Carolina with bee yards scattered in rural portions of Charlotte and in Mecklenburg County.

South Carolina Wildflower Honey & North Carolina Wildflower Honey
  • Our Italian honeybees produce some of the finest raw honey from North Carolina and South Carolina. If you have a swarm of honeybees land at your house, give us a call. We also remove honeybee colonies from structures such as walls of houses. Call for an estimate and removal fee. Please explore our website for more information on our Carolina honey products and information on honeybees.

Do you manage a local community garden or have a backyard garden, but there are no or minimal honeybees in your area to adequately pollinate your fruit and vegetable crops? Golden Delight Honey, LLC rents honeybee colonies for pollination of community gardens and backyard gardens in Charlotte, NC and surrounding towns.

Russian_Hives Our fee is just $60.00 per month per hive plus a once monthly mileage fee of 40 cents per mile from our apiary to your community or backyard garden. We have honeybee apiaries in both NC and SC from near the Charlotte - Douglas International Airport to near Waxhaw, and over to Mint Hill, Monroe, and Marshville, NC, so we will pull hives from the apiary nearest you to keep your costs low. If you rent 5 hives, then the cost is just $50.00 per hive per month plus once monthly mileage fee.

The Italian honeybee colonies will remain our property and we will maintain them when needed, but will notify your prior to visiting our hives. Best of all, you get to keep 75 percent of the honey produced. If you like honeycomb or chunk honey, let me know and I will plan accordingly to provide you with these items in addition to liquid honey. If you want pollen, then we can put on pollen traps to rob pollen off the back legs of the honeybees.

If you are interested in keeping honeybees, I can teach you how to maintain hives using the colonies you rented.

For more information or to schedule hive(s) delivery to your Charlotte area commuinty garden or home, call James at 225-803-5403 or send us an email.

DandelionBee Honeybees are vital to the pollination of hundreds of fruit and vegetable crops and most importantly California almonds, across the world. Native bees such as carpenter bees, bumble bees, and orchard mason bees do play a very important pollination role, however they need habitat such as wood or exposed soil for reporduction and just like honeybees, fields of wildflowers which conflicts with urban and suburban homeowners who do their best to kill dandelions, clovers, and other wildflower species in their lawns and vacant fields as they think these flowers are evil weeds. As honeybees can be maintained in a box, they can be deployed to a garden or farm for pollination of hundreds of vegetables and fruits, then removed once pollination and fruit set has been achieved. Most homeowners typically kill carpenter bees despite them playing an important role in the pollination of fruits and vegetables and native flowers.

Are you interested in keeping honeybees? Black Russian Queen (Golden Delight Honey, LLC) I am taking orders for Italian open bred 5-frame nucleos (NUC) colonies for $130.00 with 5 deep frame exchange with either crimped wire beeswax foundation or PLASTICELL foundation. 5-frame Italian Medium frame nucs are $110.00 with 5-frame exchange. Call me at 225-803-5406 or email now to place your nuc order. No charge for queen marking. The color for 2015 is blue. Nucs should be available no later than 01 May 2015 through 31 July 2014 for local pick up in the Charlotte, NC area. I will keep you updated if they will be available earlier. I'll also have blue marked 2015 Italian queens available for local pickup on 15 May too, through the end of August of this year.

If you need beekeeping equipment, please visit Dixie Bee Supply located in Lancaster, South Carolina. They are also an official distributor for Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. Dixie Bee Supply is located at:

I accept cash, money order, personal check, or PayPal. Call or email us with your order. Local Honey will be harvested and available late May to early June 2014 and available into 2016.

Golden Delight Honey sells pure, local Carolina wildflower honey and a variety of honey products including:

  • Local Wildflower Raw Honey - Late May to June 2015
  • Chunk Honey - June 2015
  • Creamed Honey (Spun Honey) - July 2015
  • Cut Honeycomb - June 2015
  • Lip Balm - Fall 2015
  • Local Bee Pollen - April 2015
  • Raw Propolis - In Stock throughout 2015
  • Handmade Milled Goats Milk Soap & Castile Soap - Out of Stock
  • Lavender Scented Lotion Bars - FOut of Stock
  • Pure Beeswax Candles - Fall 2015
  • Beeswax Citronella Candles - Fall 2015
  • Bulk Beeswax - Fall 2015

Are you interested in receiving FREE all natural, unheated North Carolina raw honey or South Carolina raw honey, bee pollen, chunk honey, spun honey, and beeswax candles? We are expanding our commercial honey production operation, however we need rural and suburban properties to put our honeybee colonies on to produce local Carolina wildflower honey and varietal honey such as sourwood honey. We are looking for multiple locations in the piedmont and western coastal plain of both North Carolina and South Carolina within 30 miles of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and Lancaster County, South Carolina.

Preferrably, the parcels should meet the following conditions:

  • Property must be 20 acres or larger. I will be placing up to 50 colonies on 4 Way pallets.
  • Have a permanent water source (pond, bayou, creek, or stream) nearby.
  • Some sort of dense flowering plants (e.g. white dutch clover and other clover species, dandelions, blackberries, sourwood forests, fruit trees, wildflower fields of goldenrod and asters, etc.) on property or within 2.5 miles of your property. No pine dominated habitats or horse farms with a sea of grass for miles. These are bee killers. No flowers for food and pollen.
  • Our honeybee colonies are our property. I will mow and maintain the area around the colonies. I can sign a contract if you would feel comfortable with a contract in hand.
  • Location of my colonies MUST be in full sun or along a forest edge to reduce small hive beetle infestations in colonies.
  • I must be able to drive my 4X4 Dodge Ram truck to my colonies (I am crippled and cannot walk long distances).
  • If your parcel is gated, I must have a key to the gate or I can use my lock and double lock with your lock.

If you are interested in receiving local Carolina honey, beeswax candles, and other products of the hive we sell as "rent" payment for hosting our honeybee colonies, please call me at 225-803-5406 or email us at LABeekeeper @

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Honeybee colonies
Honeybee Colonies
Frame of White Capped Honey
Honey Frame
Cut Honeycomb
Cut Honeycomb

Beekeeper Roy Wilson Beekeeper James Henderson
Beekeeper Roy Wilson from Southwest Bee Supply,
Tucson, AZ (left) & James Henderson of Golden Delight Honey (right)

James Henderson
Small Commercial Beekeeper
Golden Delight Honey, LLC.
7366 Waxhaw Highway
Lancaster, South Carolina 29720
We are just south of Waxhaw, North Carolina and the Carolina state line.
(225) 803-5406 (IPhone - Number from when I lived in Louisiana)

Golden Delight Honey
Golden Delight Honey Facebook Page
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