Swarm of Russian Honeybees

Large honeybee swarm from one of my Russian colonies

Golden Delight Honey

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Golden Delight Honey

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Feral Honeybees drinking prickly pear juice Feral Honeybees drinking prickly pear juice

Feral Honeybees drinking prickly pear juice during drought
Pima County, Arizona

Here are a few of my favorite links

Golden Delight Honey Farm
Endangered, Threatened, and Rare Species of the Southeastern United States
Images from the Field

Metropolitan Kitchen

Wildlife Biology Links

Appalachian Naturalist
Bill's Wildlife Links
Commercial Sources for Wildlife Plantings
Lasting Forests
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Fish and Wildlife Information Exchange
Slik's Web Links
Arizona Reptiles & Amphibians
Georgia Frogs & Toads
North Carolina Reptiles & Amphibians
South Carolina Reptiles & Amphibians Page
Texas Herps
TES Species Profiles (Southeastern US)
The Wildlife Biology Information Page

Botany and Wetland Links

American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Aquatic, Wetland, and Invasive Plant Database
CalFlora: A Botanical Resource for California
Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps
Checklist of Vascular Plants in New England
Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the United States
Common Wetland Plants of NC
Cyber Sedge
D & D West Wetland and Endangered Species Training & Consulting
Diversity of Life Web Index
Flowering Plant Gateway Southeastern US flora
Grass Images from the southeastern US
Georgia Botanical Society
Louisiana Native Plant Society
Louisiana State University Herbarium
Protected Plants of Georgia
Sawtooth National Forest Rare Plant Database
Idaho Mountain Wildflowers
Southern Appalachian Botanical Society
Trees of Alabama and the Southeastern United States
USDA PLANTS National Database
USFS, Southern Region, Botany and Plant Ecology
Virginia Tech's Tree Identification Page
Wildflowers of the Southeastern United States
Wetland Links
Wetland Plants and Plant Communities of MN and WI
Wetland Training Institute, Inc.
Wild Florida Photo
Wildland Shrubs of the United States and its Territories

Regulatory Information and Links

Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in the United States
USFWS - Arizona Ecological Services
USFWS - Georgia Ecological Services
USFWS - SE Ecological Services Field Office Directory
Georgia GPS Base Station Data
Georgia Natural Heritage Program
Louisiana Natural Heritage Program
Georgia NRCS
Official Soil Seris Descriptions
TES Manual
NC DENR Agency Home Pages
NC DENR Wetlands/401 Certification Unit
USACE Regulatory Program Headquarters Home Page
USACE - New Orleans Regulatory Branch
USACE - Vicksburg Regulatory Branch
USACE Regulatory District Office Directory
FNAI - Florida Protected Species
1987 USACE Wetland Delineation Manual
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Biological Equipment, Software, Anti-Spam, etc.

Ben Meadows Company
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
Georgia GIS Clearinghouse
Hackles: Help Fight Spam Bots
Herbarium Supply Company
USFWS National Wetlands Inventory
Smith-Root.com: Products for Fisheries Conservation
USGS National Mapping Information
A Gift For Our Robot Friends
Email Food for Spider Harvesters
More Tasty Treasures For Our Spider Friends
Presents for Spam Robots
Wildlife Supply Company
Terra Server Home Page: Online Aerial Photos
Wetland & Topographic Map Viewer

Parks and Recreation Links

Jockey's Ridge State Park
North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation
Louisiana State Parks
Park Law Enforcement Association

Forestry Links

Climate Change Tree Atlas of Eastern USA
USFS Southern Research Station
Society of American Foresters
The Knothole - A Forum for Discussion of Arboricultural Issues

Aquatic & Terrestrial Entomology Links

Alabama Mollusks
Bill D's Florida Insect page
Biological Indicators of Watershed Health
Freshwater Benthic Ecology and Aquatic Entomology Homepage
NC Atlas of Freshwaters Mussels and Fish
The Crayfishes of North Carolina

Oceans, Watersheds, Lakes, and Rivers

Estuarine Research Federation Links -- Jobs
North Carolina Watershed Projects
North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute Homepage
Stream Systems Technology Center

Natural Resource Books

Flora and Fauna Books Seattle, WA
A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina - A well written book covering native plants
and protected species in the southeastern United States.
Wildflowers of Georgia by Hugh & Carol Nourse
The State Botanical Garden of Georgia by Hugh & Carol Nourse

Buckfast F1 Hybrids on brood

Nurse bees tending to brood
Golden Delight Honey

Natural Resources Job Links

AWRA Water Resources Job Vacancies
Center for the Ecological Management of Military Lands
Cyber-Sierra's Natural Resources Job Search
Environmental & Engineering Jobs Online
Environmental Careers Organization
Environmental Jobs and Careers
ESA Physiological Ecology Section Job Postings
FWF Job Annoucement Listserver NEW
Institute for Wildlife Studies
Job Links
Job Listings via Women in Natural Resources
Land Trust Jobs
National Tribal Environmental Council - Environmental Jobs
Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Jobs
Ornithological Newsletter
SER Employment Noticeboard
SFA Forestry & Environmental Job List
Society for Conservation Biology
Society of Wetland Scientists
SC D.N.R. Jobs
State of OR Jobs Page
Student Conservation Association
TX A and M Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries Employment Opportunities
The Job Seeker
The Nature Conservancy
The Western Section of The Wildlife Society -- Jobs
Ubiquity Environmental Jobs
UGA Natural Resource Job Lists
University of Oregon Jobs & Internships
WA State Department of Personnel

Canadian Natural Resource Jobs

Alberta Society of Professional Biologists
CCHREI’s EnviroJob Board
Forestry Employment - Canada
Jobs@Parks Canada
Natural Resource Conservation
Nature Conservancy Canada
Potential BC Employers
Saskatchewan ERM

Natural Resource Jobs Outside of the United States

CJS Daily Online
The Dept. of Conservation and Land Management: Austrailia
Marie Curie Fellowship Association, Job Openings and Career Opportunities
Science Jobs
WildNet Africa Wildlife Jobs Offered

Fisheries Jobs and Links

Alaskan Observers, Inc.
American Fisheries Society
Association of Professional Observers
Aquatic Network Job Board
Index to List of Fisheries Sites
Limnology and Oceanography Positions
Marine Conservation Biology, Jobs and Internships
National Marine Fisheries Service
North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries
NC Division of Marine Fisheries Fish Finder
North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program
Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation
Saltwater, Inc.

Entomology Job Links

Job Opportunities in Entomology

Forestry Job Links

NASF News and Employment Opportunities
Society of American Foresters: Job Classifieds
The Forestry Job Search Page
Wildland Fire

Civil Engineering and Consulting Firm Job Links

Company Listings
Engineering Job Source Home Page
Environmental Engineering Firms
Environmental Jobs by State
Global Network of Environment & Technology Job Board

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Sunset in Sonora, Mexico south of Yuma County, Arizona

Ornithology Links

Bird Checklists of the United States
Bird Links to the World
Birding Canada
Birds of North America
Birdwatching Dot Com
Bluebirds, Bird Watching, and Bird Feeding
Carolina Hummingbird Buzz
Ducks Unlimited Canada
Electronic Resources on Ornithology
Georgia Ornithological Society
Georgia Breeding Bird Atlas
Institute for Wetlands and Waterfowl Research
National Audubon Society Bird Links
Quiltbird's Birds
The Carolina Bird Club
The Chickadee Web
The Hummingbird Society
The Hummingbird Web Site
The Ornithology WebSite
The Purple Martin House
The Turkey Vulture Society
Washington Ornithological Society
Women in Ornithology Resources Group

Western Diamondback Rattler
Yuma County, Arizona


Pinacate Volcanic Field Region of the Gran Desierto
Lava Field (foreground); Stabalized Dunes (center); Cinder cone (background)
Sonora, Mexico south of Yuma County, Arizona

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